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Like many of you, I’ve been experimenting with the scorchingly-buzzy new social app Clubhouse. As I write this, Clubhouse is only available on the iPhone (Android is coming) and is currently invitation-only, however millions of people are on the platform. While Clubhouse has awesomeness, I’m worried about a number of aspects of the app.

I love this new way to interact

The Facebook Artificial Intelligence-powered algorithm is designed to suck users into the content that interests them the most. The technology is tuned to serve up more and more of what you click on, be that yoga, camping, Manchester United, or K-pop. That sounds great, right?

However, the Facebook algorithm also leads tens of millions of its 2.7 billion global users into an abyss of misinformation, a quagmire of lies, and a quicksand of conspiracy theories.

In early December, I wrote a post titled 2021 Digital Marketing Prediction: Backlash Against Social Media Algorithms. In it, I outlined the increasing reliance of…

What a year! Nearly all in-person events were canceled worldwide in 2020, starting in March. Meanwhile, virtual events exploded in popularity as organizations tried to figure out how to bring people together online. In this post, I will predict what 2021 will bring to the events world as well as predict what won’t happen (despite what many people think).

What won’t happen with virtual and in-person events in 2021

1. Virtual reality headsets won’t work in the events world

Some people are looking to the world of virtual reality for a new kind of event. It’s exciting to imagine people sitting in their homes wearing a headset of some kind, watching a keynote speech or a panel discussion. …

Social networks, like those developed by Facebook and Google, have tremendous power to allow people around the world to connect and share. I’ve been talking about this for way more than a decade, at times acting as an enthusiastic cheerleader for the positive effects on business and society. However, the increasing reliance of social networking companies on algorithms to determine what we see in our feeds has become a tremendous problem.

I’m increasingly pessimistic about the social networks’ power over our lives.

In particular, I believe the Facebook algorithm has gone way beyond simply showing us what we want to…

The rise of Artificial Intelligence in marketing and public relations has become an important way to automate routine tasks to save time and money as well as to increase the success of marketing initiatives. AI can help marketers in many ways, such as analyzing which blog or email newsletter topics has the greatest chance of getting seen and shared, the best ways to write headlines for maximum exposure, the best time and day to post it, which channels are the best to share it on, and what hashtags are appropriate to use.

In the seventh edition of The New Rules…

The pendulum has swung too far in the direction of superficial online communications at a time people are hungry for true personal connection.

David Meerman Scott and friends at Dead & Company June 22, 2019

The Internet brings promise of tremendous easy engagement with audiences around the world. Social networks such as Facebook and content distribution services like YouTube are free, simple to use, and reach every human on the planet with an internet connection, so it’s no wonder that billions of people around the world have gravitated to them.

In the earliest days of social media, participating in these networks was like a virtual cocktail party. We could meet with our…

If an online product is free, then you are what’s for sale.

So true!

With Facebook and other free social networking sites, everything you post or do or like or share or join becomes a data point that serves to identify your interests that can then be sold to marketers. It’s something we all agree to when we click the little checkbox next to the legalese that few of us bother to read.

With the various Facebook data breaches over the past year such as the one involving Cambridge Analytica, I wanted to see just what data Facebook has collected…

Net neutrality is in the news, but an even bigger problem is looming, the increasing lack of content neutrality.

Content Technology Islands

The island mentality of the world’s largest technology companies including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google isn’t getting nearly the debate that it should. These companies seem to be so focused on keeping users locked into their own content technology gardens that they threaten the easy use of their products and services.

This island mentality problem manifests today in the exact same ways that the repeal of net neutrality is likely to do in future.

Net neutrality deals with how the owners…

American Airlines is an amazing example of the new rules of marketing and public relations at work throughout an organization. Recently, I went to the company’s Dallas headquarters to learn how the airline uses real-time social networking to communicate with customers. In this excerpt from new 6thedition of my book The New Rules of Marketing and PR released this week, I share how important real-time customer communications are for running the entire airline all the way up to the CEO.

While on a recent American Airlines flight I was introduced to a well-behaved German shepherd named Kobuk. His handler is…

My good friend Brian Halligan recently won Jerry Garcia’s iconic “Wolf” guitar at a charity auction, generating some $3 million for the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the foremost advocacy groups in the United States, comprised of a team of lawyers and activists who fight on behalf of the victims of bigotry and advocate for civil rights (More on the auction from Rolling Stone).

David Meerman Scott

Marketing & Sales Strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of 10 books including The New Rules of Marketing & PR and Newsjacking.

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